Dear Parents and Guardians,

In continuing our efforts to keep Alloway School a safe place, I would like to remind everyone of safety procedures that are in place for the well-being and safety of your children.

·         All visitors to Alloway Township School must sign in upon entering the building. This includes before, during and after school. Though this is not a new procedure, compliance has been inconsistent especially during the morning arrival period.

·         Parents of our Pre-Kindergarten students who wish to wait with their child in the front lobby until it is time to head to the classroom must sign in at the Main Office.

·         Also, parents/visitors should not accompany students to their classrooms unless it’s an emergency. This has become a regular routine for some and it could compromise the safety of others. If a parent believes it’s an emergency for the well-being of their child on that particular morning, please sign in. Though, this should not become routine.

·         Students and/or parents arriving late must sign in at the Main Office.